An Introduction to Rugby: The Scrum

Tim Broas is a highly regarded litigation attorney and partner with Winston & Strawn LLP’s Washington, D.C., office. Before embarking on his career, Timothy Broas completed a bachelor’s degree in economics at Boston College. During his time as an undergraduate, Tim Broas served as the captain of the Boston College rugby team. Here is a quick look at one of the most common rugby terms: the scrum.

Perhaps the best-known rugby term to those unfamiliar with the game, the scrum is a way of restarting play after a minor infraction by either team. Eight players from each team bind themselves to one another and attempt to win control of the ball, which is placed between them by a ninth player from one of the two teams. Players must bind together in a specific way to maximize power and reduce the risk of injury. As such, each position in the “pack” typically requires a specific body type and skill set. Because scrums occur so often over the course of a single match, having a strong and disciplined forward pack allows a team to increase its time of possession of the ball and exert control over a match.

Tim Broas

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